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Millions of people squeeze a 20-minute meditation into their morning routine, hoping it'll magically get them through the day. But once I teach you to be Mindful 24/7, you'll guarantee effortless peace, clarity and effectiveness in every moment (without having to sacrifice time to formal practices).


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You've studied spiritual teachings but they all demand too much time from you. Why should you have to meditate, do rituals or go on retreat just to feel okay?

  • You've explored countless methods for achieving peak performance but they interfere with your true goals.

  • You've invested in coaching, but the approaches offered clashed with your own workflow or demanded you divert your precious time.

  • You've tried everything to boost your productivity, but you can only endure so much before you end up burning out again.

  • You've tried to silence your inner critic, but no matter how much you achieve, you don't feel you're good enough.

  • You've experienced highs and lows but you can't figure out what makes the difference. You long for a single, fail-proof path to follow.

  • You've experimented with meditation techniques, but they all demand too much time for too little return.

  • You've tried to be consistent with meditation but other commitments and obligations pull you away.

  • You've delved into spiritual teachings but none of them make a strong enough guarantee of results.

  • You've heard about the value of community in this stuff but group activities drain your valuable time.

  • You've worried that stable, lasting peace and clarity (AKA awakening, enlightenment) might be incompatible with your mission.

But don't worry friend—I've been there, I got through it all, and I'm here to support you...

In 2014 I was broke, drunk and addicted to porn.

In 2017 I meditated 1000's of hours, saved my mother from suicide, and received teaching lineage to the Buddha.

In 2023 I married a hot neuropsychologist, transformed 100's of lives, and people demand I take their money.

Here's my story (and the secret I learned from the inner circle of monks that'll make your own transformation effortless)...

In 2014 I was wasting the little money I earned as a musician partying till 8AM. And when I got over my hangovers I couldn't sit still for 30 seconds.When I tried, it felt like my mind would attack me with images of embarrassing moments from my past, things I should've been doing instead in the present, and anxieties about the future. Also, my spine felt like it was on fire.After 13 years performing as a drummer, I was finally getting hired by award-winning artists. Yet, secretly, I knew I wouldn't be able to continue for long...

  • I felt I hadn't done enough in the past to look after myself

  • I felt whatever I achieved in the present was doomed to fall apart

  • I felt the effort I'd put into building my future was for nothing

Feeling desperate, I took the opportunity for a holiday—the only one I'd taken since going self-employed in 2008.But it made no difference at all.I knew then I had to swallow my pride and find help. But I didn't know where to look.No-one in my life had ever shared similar struggles with me, and the phrase "mental health" back then was still only used for people in hospital.Google was my only hope.After long nights searching through superstitious religious nonsense, I finally discovered the philosopher, Alan Watts.Alan taught me that the Western way of seeing things wasn't the only way of seeing things.I spent 6 months listening to every recording of Alan I could find.But eventually I ran out of his material.I felt like an important shift had begun, but now I'd hit a dead end...Eventually I discovered another teacher: Ram Dass.I was already way outside my comfort zone, but this new guy was stretching my mind even farther...Still, I was in immense pain—and now I was also confused. I had no choice but to keep listening...Ram Dass taught me that there are many roads to true and lasting wellbeing.

  • You can sit and meditate for hours each day

  • You can sing and dance until you enter a blissed-out trance

  • You can do needlework (yes, really)

I wanted the payoff, but none of those methods sounded like good options.I was still relying on guided meditations to fix me up for 20 minutes before I wrestled with the world.I wasn't satisfied."Why do I have to go to such great lengths just to function well?" I thought. "There must be another option."I became obsessed. I neglected everything in my life to make time for investigating every wisdom teaching I could find...

  • My girlfriend thought I'd lost interest in her

  • My family felt I didn't love them any more

  • My friends ignored me at events

  • My phone stopped ringing for work

But I kept going. I had to know if true peace and clarity was possible without giving up my life and going to the monastery.A year into my study, I started hearing that if I really wanted to figure this thing out I would need personal guidance from a teacher...So I went and got it.

My first teacher lived as a monk in Thailand for 8 years.But I almost didn't meet him at all.His teacher, Bhikkhu Buddhadasa, famously got in trouble with the Thai government...In the 1960's, Bhikkhu Buddhadasa taught lessons to the public that were usually reserved for the inner circle of monks.The government didn't like that (because they knew a happy population wouldn't follow their narrative).So the teachings were driven back into secrecy...But then the internet happened!My teacher was sent out of the monastery to teach the inner-circle secrets online.That's where I met him, and began a training that would change my life several times over...He and I spoke for hundreds of hours.I practised every moment we weren't speaking.But I didn't always find that practice easy...Through many ups and downs, I gradually discovered the profound benefits of mindfulness:

  • I 100x'd my ability to focus on tasks

  • I gained crystal-clarity in my decision-making

  • I became more effective in everything I did

  • I felt more confident in all situations

  • I became more able to accept things as they were and stop resisting themI grew in compassion, and naturally found win/win arrangements everywhereI developed discernment—the ability to know what was right and what was wrong for me

  • I finally felt free—like I had as a child before all the rules of life were forced upon meI realized a stable happiness that didn't depend upon possessions or statusI made peace with all the embarrassing moments in my past

But I didn't have to become a monk myself to achieve all this.And I'll share with you how I managed to avoid the monastery.But first, I have to tell you about a tragedy...

In 2017, my mother attempted suicide.I spoke with her every day for 6 months and taught her everything I'd been learning about mindfulness.Her transformation was profound. She rediscovered the joy in life.After that, my teacher told me I was ready to help more people—he gave me teaching lineage to the historical Buddha!But I didn't quite feel ready...So I spent $21,139 on a formal study of personal development and educational theory.But that wasn't enough...So I found a Tibetan teacher—Tempa Duktë Lama—from whom I received his pinnacle teaching.But that still wasn't enough...So I married a neuropsychologist.I compared notes with her and refined my teaching, stripping out everything that didn't survive the scrutiny of these four approaches to wellbeing I'd unified.Finally, I knew I was ready. I started teaching strangers on the internet and amazing results followed.

  • One student overcame 7 years of severe OCD and hit consistent 12-hour flow state streaks working on his A.I. startup

  • One student consistently ranked #1 in his sales job

  • One student ditched a 14-year course of antidepressants

  • One student found harmony with her estranged husband

  • One student learned to deal with panic attacks

  • One student left a codependent relationship

  • One student overcame lifelong stage fright

  • One student made peace with miscarriage

  • One student learned to stand up for herself

  • One student dissolved social anxiety

I also received hundreds of 5-star reviews for my audio teachings on the Insight Timer app, which you can check out below.The evidence was clear. I'd developed a unique teaching that got consistent results—and I'd learned to share it effectively.But there's one vital secret that's the key to unlocking these amazing results...

The point of wisdom practice isn't to be well only while you're meditating (and maybe a little while after).The point is to be well everywhere, all the time.But most importantly, the peace, clarity and wellbeing promised by wisdom teachings is not something you must learn and develop! Rather, it's your natural condition!Therefore, all you must do is relax. All you must do is stop obscuring your natural wellbeing with conditioned tensions, rules and desires.Many teachings give methods for achieving pleasant states in meditation.But states come and go.If you're interested in true, lasting wellbeing that's independent of things that come and go—if you want to smile at your loved ones from your deathbed—you need to do things differently...You need to be Mindful 24/7.But the only way to do this is to realize that the benefits promised by wisdom teachings are your default mode.You do not have to whip yourself into shape in order to be okay. (When you think about that model, it's a paradox!)The truth is, you're already enlightened.You're already perfectly clear, calm, balanced and whole—everyone is! But everyone was trained to think they're not.Good news: all you have to do is glimpse this truth once.That glimpse is the first thing I will give you if you decide to speak with me. Once you know what you're looking for, all you need is one little peek.Realization is instant because what you're looking to realize is already and always the case!Then you'll just practice recognizing it more and more frequently in all your life's scenarios.I know this might sound crazy. It did to me the first time I heard it. But I'm here to show you that, actually, it's the social conditioning you were brainwashed into that's crazy.Don't you ever wonder why so many people struggle to be successful?You were trained to accept that, but you don't have to.And when you remove the blockages to your own natural excellence, it starts to overflow to those around you.This is how I was able to put my own needs aside and save my mother's life. This is how I was able to help all the other people I've helped so far.

I feel a deep, consistent, unshakeable wellbeing in all circumstances—whether laying in bed or sprinting through an airport on a short transfer.I'm in a perfect marriage with my ideal woman. She's the best match I ever found by far, and we've never had a single argument. (Really.)I'm free to work as much as I want, when I want, on whatever I want. My finances have never been in better shape and my work has never had so much impact.I don't remember the last time I had a disagreement with anyone (yet I get my way in interactions almost every time).Best of all, I get to help good people like you make this transformation for yourself. And this is just the beginning of my mission to normalize wellbeing and happiness for 1 billion and 1 people.Scroll down to learn exactly how I'm going to guide you to realizing this heaven-on-earth.Or, if you have questions, check the FAQ section 👇

strategy & tactics

Here's How We'll Get
Your Results

The effortless path to peak performance

There's one way to teach this wisdom most effectively: friendship.In bars people hang out and talk sports, work and dating.In monasteries, monks hang out and talk about energy, clarity and wellbeing.The context is the same but the results are wildly different.Good news: you don't have to shave your head and disappear into the forest to get profound wisdom any more.I got it from my teachers on video calls; you can get it from me on video calls.Here's the step-by-step:

  1. I give you my foundational teaching, the Introduction to Natural Wellbeing

  2. You tell me where you agree and where you object to it

  3. I help you over your objections

  4. We get to know one another

  5. You open up about everything that's in the way of you performing at your best 24/7

  6. I prescribe dynamic mindfulness-based methods for dissolving your blockages

  7. You realize profound energy, clarity and mutual benefit as your true nature

  8. We stabilize that realization in all the circumstances of your life until nothing can shake you

This can go as slow or as fast as you like.If you like structured learning, click here to see the outline of the material I teach in my cohort course, from which we can pull as much as you want.

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Realize Wellbeing With 3 Flexible Programs

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1 Video Call per Month

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1 Video Call per Week

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5 Video Calls per Week

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6 Days Text Support per Week

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BONUS: 6 Course Material Videos

BONUS: 6 Guided Meditations

BONUS: 18 Course Material Texts

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Unsure if This is For You?

Here's What You'll Get

The Benefits of Mindful 24/7 Coaching

  • Effortless, consistent peak performance with no reliance on separate time-consuming practices (like formal meditation).

  • Perfect alignment with your own natural strengths, talents and processes to access flow state on-demand.

  • The ability to outwork anyone who dares to compete with you—while they continue tricks and hacks to get them through the day, you'll gain energy from your work.

  • Unshakeable inner peace and confidence that doesn't depend on anything—you're calm at work; calm at play; calm at rest...

  • Crystal-clear insight into the one simple truth that will end your searching for the right method or technique.

  • Freedom from the drudgery of discipline—no more forcing yourself to practice other people's recommendations.

  • Harmony between your main purpose and your other commitments—greater effectiveness at work means you can relax elsewhere.

  • Evidence-based progression through your personalized, dynamic process for maximizing your potential, stacking self-trust on a solid foundation of proof.

  • Connection with like-minded high performers on your terms—lifetime Discord access to a tight community of other dedicated students of mine.

  • Realization of stable wellbeing as your default mode 24/7—without distraction from your mission.

After 22 years of teaching


A few words from one-to-one students, plus reviews on audio teachings

Zero Risk, Ultimate Reward

My Guarantee
To You

It's got to be win/win

If we find that I can't help you realize deeper wellbeing and improved performance, congratulations: you don't need me! (And you don't need anyone else, either.)Should this occur, you'll only pay for the days it took for us to figure this out. We'll remain friends and I'll be happy to keep you in the Discord community.

I'm Here to Help

Two Ways
To Proceed

Trial and error vs. the direct path

It took me 6 years, $21,139, thousands of hours studying with teachers, a trip to Thailand and 29,366 hours of practice to figure out what I'm offering you in this course.But I did figure it out, and you can too.If you're not ready to work with me, I'm still rooting for you.If you are ready, you're about to skip a lot of trial and error.

Option 1

The Winding Road

Experiment with what you've read on this page

Enjoy my free content on Twitter and Insight Timer

Try to stay motivated and remember you're not alone

Try to stay motivated and remember you're not

Option 2

The Direct Path

Get personalized guidance as often as you want

Get your individual "spiritual diagnosis" to discover exactly where you're stuck

Get frequent reminders and accountability

Get support from and build lifelong connections with a group of like-
minded co-learners on the same journey as you

Get connections to other high performers who are working with me

Join me in voice chat while I'm out walking for casual feedback

Get all my course material in a custom Notion dashboard with accountability tracking (standard & VIP)

Got Questions?

I've Got Answers

Be sure you're making the right decision

Q: I tried mindfulness before and it didn't work. How will this be any different?A: Mindfulness never "works" because it's not a cure. When it's used like a treatment—to fix something that's broken—the approach is faulty.You're not broken. And you never were. The thoughts and feelings you interpret to mean you're broken (and need fixing) are just empty, fleeting appearances.This is what I will train you to see in this course, and it will all become clear in our first video call.

Q: What's the difference between Mindful 24/7 and other mindfulness coaching?
A: I studied formally with senior monks in both the Theravada and Vajrayana schools of Buddhism, during which I was given teaching lineage to the historical Buddha.I also completed a 4-year formal training in personal development and educational theory.Then I married a neuropsychologist and tested my understanding against her scientific scrutiny.This coaching is the most complete representation of my teaching I've ever developed. If you find anything like it elsewhere, please let me know because I'll want to make friends with the teacher.

Q: I don't have time to meditate or do a lot of study. Can I still benefit?
A: Actually, you're exactly who this course is for. I'm going to train you to enjoy the benefits of meditation without the costly time investment—wherever you are and whatever you're doing.

Q: Do I have to have experience with mindfulness and/or meditation before I start?
A: No. Prior experience has pros and cons. For example, being able to sit quietly for 5 minutes without feeling restless is useful. But if you've grown attached to a particular method of formal meditation then it may be challenging to let go of.The teachings and methods I will present are complete and specifically tailored to you; you don't need to know anything in advance.

Q: I don't care about awakening or enlightenment or any of that spiritual stuff. Is this course still for me?
A: Yes. Science confirms again and again the benefits of mindfulness for performance across the board. Whatever you're interested in, mindfulness will help you do it more easily and effectively.

Q: What exactly can I do with what I'll learn in this course?
A: You can be satisfied, at ease, and ready to perform at your best in all situations and settings. This enables:🔹 Better decision-making
🔹 Better conversations
🔹Better management
🔹 Better productivity
🔹 Better friendships
🔹 Better leadership
🔹 Better creativity
🔹 Better exercise
🔹 Better learning
Mindfulness is a cheat code for life. If that sounds too good to be true, check out my audio teachings on Insight Timer and see for yourself.

Q: Can this course replace therapy?
A: No. Therapy is treatment. This coaching is educational only. If you are suffering (or think you might be suffering) symptoms of mental disorder I strongly recommend you seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional.

Q: Can this course be taken alongside therapy?
A: Yes, but it will be up to you and your therapist to assess its suitability.

Q: What happens if I don't get the results I'm looking for?
A: I'll help you until you do. If we find that I really can't help you, you'll only pay for the time it took us to figure that out.

Q: How long will this coaching be available at a discount?
A: Given the positive feedback I've received, it's highly likely that my rates will increase soon.

Enjoy Structured Learning?


Included in your coaching package


Sun Video Call: Introduction to natural wellbeing

Mon Video Lesson: Welcome & Course overview

Tue Guided Practice: Simple Mindfulness

Wed Assignment: Daily practice & Journal submission

Thu Assignment: Reflections on intro to natural wellbeing

Fri Video Call: Q&A, WEEKLY REVIEW

No fucking around—the first thing you'll receive on this course is the most profound wisdom teaching ever transmitted. It's been called many things. I call it the "introduction to natural wellbeing".If you're able to fully integrate this teaching on first encounter, you'll have no further need of guidance. But you'd be a rare individual indeed, because I've never heard of that happening.Everyone who hears this teaching has some degree of resistance or objection to it—due to 20+ years of conditioning into the typical way of seeing things.So I'll spend the rest of week 1 learning about where you're stuck so I can make personal recommendations on how to get you unstuck.I'll also give a simple guided mindfulness practice, which you'll enjoy and journal on daily.Finally, I'll take your questions on a live call with the rest of the community (but don't worry—it'll be recorded, and I'll take pre-submitted questions from those who can't attend).


Mon Text: How to Make Wellbeing Your Default Mode

Tue Guided Practice: Integrating Fundamentals

Wed Text: Personalised Recommendations

Thu Assignments: Mindfulness Hacking 1, IRL Submissions 1

Fri Video Call: Q&A, WEEKLY REVIEW

Next, you'll learn the fundamentals of the Mindful 24/7 approach. I'll take you deeper in understanding—🔸 The difference between meditation and mindfulness (and why the former is ultimately unnecessary)
🔸 The real benefit of mindfulness (and why it's worth dedicating yourself to)
🔸 The true nature of reality (and why everyone's faulty assumptions about it lead to depression, anxiety and dissatisfaction)
🔸 The predicament you're in as a 21st-century truth-seeker: why it's been so tough for you and how you can leverage your unprecedented advantages
I'll then give you another guided practice—this time integrating the fundamentals you've been reading about.Having learned about how you received the introduction in week 1, I'll now make personalised recommendations to you on how to let go of your attachments and start to relax into natural happiness.You'll also set up the first in a series of practical "mindfulness hacks" to begin bridging the gaps in your practice—all toward the goal of relaxing into natural meditative stability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the rest of your life.Next, we'll begin one of the most important parts of this course. I'll ask you to begin submitting challenging real-life situations so that I can teach you how to use mindfulness to navigate them with ease.We'll again round the week off with live Q&A.


Mon Text: How to Enjoy And Enhance Your Practice

Tue Guided Practice: Enjoyment, Enhancement

Wed Video Lesson: Mindfulness IRL Solutions 1

Thu Assignments: Mindfulness Hacking 2, IRL Submissions 2

Fri Video Call: Q&A, WEEKLY REVIEW

By now you'll have some momentum in the Mindful 24/7 way of doing things and so your information diet will begin to get lighter.I'll take you deeper by teaching you how to bring curiosity, ingenuity and experimentation into your practice.I'll give another tailored guided practice for you to use as support, and I'll give the solutions to your submitted challenging life situations.You'll continue your daily practice but you might start to ease off on the journaling here—as long as I'm getting updates on the cool shit that's happening for you (and any challenges that arise).You'll increase the level on that mindfulness hack you set up, bringing more mindfulness to your daily life. And you'll submit another challenging life situation for us to review next week.We'll finish again with Q&A—it's vital we stay in touch so I can keep pointing you in the right direction.


Mon Text: How to Be Confident In Your Practice

Tue Guided Practice: Walking (Secluded)

Wed Video Lesson: Mindfulness IRL Solutions 2

Thu Assignments: Mindfulness Hacking 3, IRL Submissions 3

Fri Video Call: Q&A, WEEKLY REVIEW

By week 4, you'll be grounded enough in what I'm teaching for me to hit you with some "slant learning". Slant learning is the method of using different perspectives to challenge or support another.In this case, I'll summarise thousands of years of teachings on mindfulness from different cultures to give you more confidence in the way we're doing things together.Next, your formal practice will get an upgrade. Until now, you'll have been practising quietly in a distraction-free environment. But here we'll take your practice out into the world. I'll give a guided practice on this that you can take with you.I'll give guidance on more of your submitted real-life situations, and we'll do even more to close the gaps in your day-to-day mindfulness practice.Q&A will wrap up the week as usual.


Mon Text: How to Close Remaining Gaps In Your Practice

Tue Guided Practice: Walking (Public)

Wed Video Lesson: Mindfulness IRL Solutions 3

Thu Assignments: Mindfulness Hacking 4, IRL Submissions 4

Fri Video Call: Q&A, WEEKLY REVIEW

In week 5 I'll explain two powerful techniques that can bring you all the way to round-the-clock mindfulness.You'll introduce even more stimuli to your formal practice as you take it out in public (guided practice audio to take along for the ride as usual).Other assignments will ramp up again, and we'll hit another Q&A.See a pattern here?This course is front-loaded, meaning it's most intense at the start—where you need an info dump to get going. (Though you'll likely be digesting that info for years to come.)By week 5, I'll be encouraging you to relax into your new understanding.


Mon Text: How to Realise Wellbeing Right Here, Right Now

Tue Guided Practice: Advanced Techniques

Wed Video Lesson: Mindfulness IRL Solutions 4

Thu Video Lesson: How to Be Mindful 24/7

Fri Video Call: Q&A, Celebration, Next Steps

By this time, congratulations will be in order. You'll have successfully completed the most effective guide to wellbeing I've encountered in 8 years of study. Here I'll share the most powerful technique in my toolkit, which dissolves all dualistic boundaries.NOTE: yes, this stuff is advanced, but don't worry—this course is not a race to the finish line. Rather, it's everything you need to get to the finish line in your own time. Support will always be available after the course finishes.Following written explanation, I'll give a guided practice on the above technique.We'll finish the final round of real-life mindfulness applications, then I'll bring everything together with a summary explanation of how to be Mindful 24/7.Finally, I'll take any last questions, ask you some of my own, and then we'll celebrate your achievements! 🥂At this point you'll have all you need to realise that peace, clarity and happiness I'll have been banging on about for 6 weeks.You'll have made one of the most wholesome investments of time and energy you'll ever make. And, if you've understood even 1% of what's been presented, you'll be radiating mutual benefit like never before.Everyone in your life will be truly fortunate to have you around... And you'll be ready for anything.

Let's Be Clear


everything you need to know

  • I (Dan Goldfield) act only as a teacher. I do not provide psychological or medical treatment, nor do I provide therapy or counselling of any kind.

  • If you are suffering from symptoms of illness or disorder (or think you might be) I strongly recommend you seek treatment from a qualified professional. Your physical and mental health is, and will remain, entirely your responsibility.

  • The guarantee I give relating to the Mindful 24/7 cohort course is as follows: if and when you complete the course requirements (listed below) you will have full knowledge of how to realize wellbeing 24/7. "Wellbeing," here, is defined as "freedom from dissatisfaction". "Wellbeing," in the context of this guarantee, does not mean freedom from pain, injury, illness or disorder (though these things may become easier for you to avoid or mitigate). Rather, my guarantee is that you will learn you may accept these things—and other circumstances—with grace, humility, dignity and a smile.

  • The guarantee I give relating to this course (and my coaching) is educational only. I am guaranteeing acquisition of knowledge regarding how to proceed with the methods and practices taught. I cannot and do not guarantee any depth of understanding or realisation, as the time required for this to occur varies from one individual to the next. I do guarantee ongoing access to course material and Discord server for support.

  • The course requirements are that you 1) attend the first live video call ("Introduction To Natural Wellbeing"); 2) spend at least 10 hours per week studying and practising the material; 3) give me honest feedback regarding your practice at least 2 times per week; 4) attend all live video coaching calls (or catch up on their recordings); 5) complete all assignments as written; 6) engage with the community at least 5 times per week.

  • Should you complete these requirements and feel that you have not gained full knowledge of how to proceed with the methods and practices taught within the course, then you and I will either 1) have a conversation to see if I can guide you to clarity, or 2) move through the course material again with the next cohort—at no extra financial cost to you.

  • I make no guarantee of any refund. I reserve the right to refund at my discretion.

  • Your participation in the Mindful 24/7 cohort course (or coaching) acts as indication of your acknowledgment of the here-mentioned terms and conditions, the limitations on the scope of our interactions, and an agreement to bring no claim against me in the event of physical, mental or emotional grievance, neither during nor following this course or our other interactions.

  • If you have any questions regarding what’s written here, either email dangoldfield86 [at] gmail [dot] com, or ask your questions as a first priority during our next meeting.


D. Goldfield


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